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Governors marching orders? It has to come from somewhere, but does it have to come to this?

I’m just gonna’ put a list of incidents here or see for yourself. Just search any search engine for “Arrested not wearing mask” and the list is 52,200,000 long (Numbers changes each search and Google will omit much of it due to what it calls redundancy and there is). I’m sure that it’s not all related to the search, but a lot is. Many of these incidents are people who really deserved to be arrested because of their response. However, if this is the new normal, I’ll have none of it. This shouldn’t be happening.

This has been done in the past and it was just as wrong then as it is now. There are just things that are over the line and oppressive. I completely understand the initial response to this Corona 2 virus because of the unknown, but now it’s very known. Some are saying that we who don’t wear masks and stay quarantined are not following the science, however, it is entirely upside-down; it is we who are following the science, and the data.

Keep in mind people, if a store refuses you access to not enter their store unless you’re wearing a mask, it’s well within their rights to refuse service, unless you’re a gay activist maybe, but otherwise, they have the right to refuse service.

Just to see how bad it was I jumped straight to page 10 with 30 links per page. That is the last link in the list below and that’s where I stopped. I figured that was enough to make the point. If you don’t think this is a problem, maybe you’re the problem? If you don’t want to be around people not wearing masks, stay away from them, they have cooties.

Again though, if your going to be with elderly people, wear a mask; a thick one or an N95 mask and not just a piece of cloth. Fabric masks do nothing to stop viruses. Even an N95 will not stop COVID-19 from infecting you or someone else if you have it. Best to avoid contact with elderly or health compromised people.