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UPDATE: There are vaccines being tested for Ebola. Several experimental Ebola vaccines are being tested in numerous clinical trials around the world. See “Ebola Vaccines”

UPDATE: The WHO is now saying that transmission is mostly from droplets more than contact. This is encouraging, but masks still won’t do a lot for you.

We know that masks can filter some viruses, but not all, and some will get through them. At best, masks reduce the quantity of the viruses that you may come to inhale. COVID-19 is a very tiny virus and can ride in vary small droplets. Contact is still the major factor in transmission.

So we ask ourselves, “Do I really need a mask? “. If we’re honest with the science involved, probably not when it comes to coronaviruses. However, when you’re in the presence of the elderly it’s still a good precaution, because masks do reduce the quantity of transmission. Something like Ebola, absolutely! Thank God we’re not in the middle of an Ebola pandemic, which by the way, thanks be to those that stopped it in it’s tracks in Africa back in 1976 and 2014.

Corona vs Ebola virus info provided by Dolores J. Cahill, PhD – Immunologist and Molecular Biologist





SARS-COV1 - 2003: 800 Globally

SARS-COV2 - 2020: 1 in 1,000

1976: 8,800 in 10,000

2014: 3,3,00 in 10,000


Droplets (Not air)

Through the air

Is there a licensed vaccine?



What age is most effected?

Over 80

All ages

What age is least effected?



Are masks effective at sopping the spread?



Is there a way to circumvent possible effects?

Vitamine C and D, Zinc, Good Nutrition


Is there a treatment?

Hydroxychloroquine AZT, Zinc, Remdesivir (Less Effective)


Has exsisted for how long ?

2003 SARS-COV-1

1976 Ebola River,
Democratic Republic of Congo
Is there any kind of vaccine?