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This is not going to go well for the Left. The Senate is divided 50/50 last I checked. Most state legislatures are Republican and just need to grow some cojones. Big Tech just pissed off about 1/3rd of America. Another 3rd is starting to question what Big Tech is doing and why. The final 3rd is not that intelligent.

If I had disposable income, I’d be buying some long term puts on tech companies that think the Left is going to save and protect them by screaming, “But I was on your side!” Facebook is already bleeding users, and the younger generations find FB to be a shi7hole. Twitter is bleeding faster than they know also. Parler was a threat and can easily prove monopolistic intent now. After Amazons blunderous deletion of a customers service, what normal CTO would consider them as a viable resource to operate from? (Whoever Parlor uses I’d consider buying that stock) The smart CTO will say, “How do I know that Amazon will not remove us with little to no warning?”

What I do know, the Constitution was established by the design of God. It will look like it is about to be destroyed. The righteous will rise up and save it from near destruction. God will preserve it for the foundation of His own Government upon His return because it is already his preliminary work.


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