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We hope not, but at this early stage of the plague we can’t tell how quickly this infestation will spread. Some websites have totaled the death count as high as 126 while other say it is closer to 24. Computer models presented by academia show a possible death toll in the thousands. Some unnamed sources, that have access to a university research dossier on the maggots, say this could easily spiral out of control. There are even those in the blogososphere speculating well over a million dead by the time this reaches it’s apex.

Unnamed experts disagree with all of the speculation and say there isn’t any evidence that they kill at all. While it is true, that there isn’t any evidence of these maggots actually killing anyone, the circumstantial evidence seems to suggest otherwise. What we do know is that they destroy all evidence as soon as they are confronted.

The most disturbing aspect of all, is that many are in favor of these maggots and other self destructive maladies like soul sucking socialist spiders; more on that in another story.